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Home Extension
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Just Ideas
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Blue sky vision: ground and first floor of an end of row, three-bed semi-D to add more space for kitchen/living area, larger third bedroom, larger 3rd bedroom, add downstairs toilet/shower room and utility area.
Basic need: a little more space

Eircode or Property Address
Do you have a preferred Architectural Style ?
Modern / Contemporary

Preferred Time: 4-5pm

Preferred Day: Monday, Wednesday or Friday

Budget: 75,000

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Link to House Sales Document:

How we heard about Archly: I think it was an article in the Irish Times

Detailed Brief
We can see what we realistically achieve with the property and budget we have. This would be the very start of our journey and we don’t yet know for sure where most of the budget would come from!

We are a growing family of 4 (son, 8 and daughter 11) and as you can see from the measurement in the original sales brochure attached the third bedroom is on the small side. From the Floorplanner sketch, ideally, we would like to create a larger open plan downstairs living area, with two separate rooms for my wife and I, and the kids. A downstairs toilet and a utility area for washer/dryer would be a minimum requirement (currently our clothes washer and dryer are outside in the lean-to!). We feel we have just enough space (2m width) to the side of the house to make this possible.

Perhaps a first floor extension would be possible to create a larger bathroom and third bedroom – either going out or up into the attic?

The back garden is quite small and so any ground floor extension should take this factor into account (e.g inside/outside)

The house was built in 1983, the extension followed in 1996, so no doubt there will be a need for some refurbishment also (wiring, heating, insulation, etc.). Something we’ll have to take into account for the budget.

In terms of style, please see the Pinterest link. Essentially, we like fresh, modern exterior and interior, lots of natural light (which we’re sorely lacking at the moment), maximum use of space, etc.

Looking forward to speaking with you and hearing your ideas!

Best wishes
Dave and Jenny

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