To democratise is to make something accessible to more people. Architects are generally quite a conscious cohort of professionals. Sensitivity to climate change, the built environment and society at large make them an important part of driving society forward. Their natural problem solving mindset is further reinforced with an unquenchable passion for their work.

Having these expert minds available to broader society, to share knowledge and offer advice is what we are building. Particularly Small Project Architecture of high quality has an attention to detail that is transferable between countries. Take Ireland as an example, Architects are extremely cognisant of context of a building and the projects speak for themselves. Now give this architect the opportunity to consult a Scandinavian or Australian based client on a project over there and the context awareness is reapplied.

To consider what this means for architecture as an industry is infinitely positive. Cultures of varying backgrounds and design approaches spreading their design skills nation to nation, spreading culture in a physical and solid form that binds countries closer together. This is the true democratisation of architecture and for the better of society.

Archly is doing this now for Micro & SME Architecture firms of 1 person or more…