Archly for Designers

In a world of constant shifting and growing gaps across society, the more cohesive a community can be the wider it can grow to bridge gaps in society. Inequality, Poverty & Climate Change are just some of the features of this growing gap. While Archly can’t solve these issues, it is the context in which it was created.

Archly gives homeowners across all levels of society, access to necessary design advice at a fair cost. Member companies can offer a slice of their business in paid consultations or packaged services on their Archly profile. Rather than homeowners needing to pay for full services that are not always required, Archly provides a platform for design firms to offer this to homeowners. While we hope each transaction will lead to more awarded full service projects for Designers, they can also provide a service that helps the broader base of society.

If a budget of €20k cannot afford to spend on the services of a Design Professional, a 1-hr consult can open up the opportunities for that client to understand how to stretch their budget. For example, the proportion of a window or addition of a window facing a tree or a garden can greatly improve the quality of that persons daily experience.