In the current time’s, we first & foremost wish all of our members, their families & clients the best of health as we all move through this day by day.

To support our members safety we are removing the option for clients to book face to face meetings. While this will reduce bookings, we will be putting more focus in promoting online consultations to homeowners.

We also announced last week that we are waiving all Archly fee’s for each booking received to better support your business. We will review this on a monthly basis. We hope this allows you to freely promote Archly as the go to for booking online consultations with clients.

If you pass on any clients to Archly we will book them in for a date & time to meet with you online, process payment, issue meeting links and ensure they have submitted enough information prior to the meeting taking place. These clients are exclusive to you, and will never be shared with other members.

We wish for the safe continuity of your business & to continue promoting positive architecture in Ireland.

Stay Safe, Jonathan…

[email protected]

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