Architects are experts in home design and bring that skill to transform your home no matter what your budget is. Maybe you want to find an architect Dublin to consult you on your kitchen renovation, extending your family home, building over your garage, creating an open plan living space? Perhaps the challenge is a simple layout change to your home or arrangement of windows facing your landscaped garden? You may even want to hire an architect for an online consultation Dublin And pay the architect for a 1-hour meeting? Maybe you’re not sure of the design or planning process and need advice? Architects are trained experts to resolve home design issues, they can communicate a huge amount of advice in a 1-hour consultation. Architects can help spark ideas in your own mind, both in working within your budget and achieving the best solution. On a daily basis, they are designing homes, supervising the construction of their home designs, choosing materials with homeowners. Architects can walk into a room and immediately match your ideas with their expert knowledge and principles of flow, daylight, sustainability, functionality, and most importantly, your budget.

How do I choose an Architect or Home Designer on Archly?

Begin completing the project form on our homepage to help Archly understand your project and we will recommend the best-suited Architect or Home Designer for your project requirements and location. Whether you are planning a small kitchen renovation or a one-off house, by consulting with an architect you are maximising the information to help you make better decisions to progress your project. Anything paid now for a consultation is reduced from any further project fees with that same Architect or Home Designer. Are you planning a kitchen renovation and need advice on choosing a kitchen? Are you adding a picture window to capture a view to your garden and need to consult an Architect? A small budget project doesn’t always leave room to pay an architect for full design fee’s, a consultation allows you to get the design advice and then choose how best to proceed.

Architects are full of creative ideas, yet they are great listeners to pair your needs, budget, ideas with their expertise. After you receive our recommended Architect or Home Designers you can view there archly profile or do your own google search to confirm you’re happy with their project and reviews that they may have. Some architects have a preference for modern design, minimalist, sustainability, futuristic, traditional or conservation, and heritage architectural design. Depending on your building type Archly will match you to the most suited architect for your project needs.

What happens when I choose an Architect or Home Designer on Archly?

After you receive our recommendations you can choose and book in just a few short click’s through our website. Your information is reviewed by the Archly team to ensure there is adequate information to allow for maximum benefit from the consultation. If we require further information, we will send you a notification by email to upload additional photographs or project description. When we are happy that the information received is enough to advise on your project we will then issue meeting links, typically with 5-10 days from date of booking.

All payments handled by to ensure safe and secure transactions.

What size of project is Archly for?
Any size, we aim to help homeowners improve their homes. Moving a couch, painting a wall, or a new build for your new home. We also provide advice to commercial clients.

How long is the meeting?
Each meeting is a 1hr slot, longer meetings and follow up meetings are also available at a reduced cost per hour. The architect will have spent considerable time preparing for the meeting based on your submitted information. This ensures maximum value from the meeting.

What topics do you suggest to discuss?
Anything and everything architecture. The topics are best determined by the information you submit prior to the meeting. The architect will have spent time reviewing this content and preparing ahead of the meeting, This ensures that you get the most value from your consultation. Design ideas, concepts, planning permission, materials, furniture, layouts, windows, landscaping, project stages, project process.

Do the architects advise on planning permission?
Yes, planning permission can be a maze for many people. We want to make it easier for you.

How can architecture impact our lives?
Better access to nature, house plants, photographs, grass, green spaces have been shown to scientifically improve our brain function.

Must I choose a “local architect” for my project?
No, in fact, we encourage you to choose architects outside of your local area to maximise the range of knowledge. Architecture is a universal language that knows no boundaries!

I live in a rental, what can I do?
Moving furniture, hanging pictures, photographs, and laying rugs can make a significant difference it how a rental property feels and looks. Our architects can offer great advice as most of us live or have lived in rental properties.

What type of device do I need to attend the meeting?
Tablet, PC, Laptop, or mobile phone.

My house is so small I can’t imagine it getting any better?
It could be as simple as placing a mirror by a window and some house plants.

Do I have to use video calling?

No, you can choose to turn on or off your webcam if you please. However, if you are at home you may wish to show your architect your home or area for the planned works.

What happens once I book & pay?

You will receive an email with a link. Five minutes before your booked time, using that link will take you to the virtual meeting room.

Can I hire the architect to take on my project?
Of course, this a secondary factor of Archly. By having these online consultations, you will have gained valuable design knowledge, and if the architect is right for you.

What happens after the meeting?

You will receive a unique link to view the recording of the meeting online. This allows you to review the discussions and various suggestions covered in the meeting. Following this you have the opportunity to engage this architect or another on the Archly platform to take on your full project.