Our Architectural Professionals are experts in home design. Their skills can transform your home within your budget and while keeping in view your design needs.

We can help you find architectural professionals in Dublin and across Ireland to extend your family home, build over your garage, create an open plan living space, and achieve all your home design aspirations.

Archly gives you the ability to hire an architectural professional for an online consultation and pay them for a 1-hour meeting through our platform.

Our architectural professionals are trained at resolving home design issues; they can offer quite a lot of advice in a 1-hour consultation based on your pre-submitted project information.

We often get queries from homeowners who are interested in our services. These frequently asked questions include:

How do I choose an architectural professional on Archly?

Complete the project form on our homepage to help Archly understand your project.

Some designers prefer modern design, minimalist, sustainability, futuristic, traditional or conservation, and heritage architectural design. Depending on your building type, Archly will match you to the most suited architectural professional for your project needs.

After you receive our recommended architectural professional, view their Archly profile or do your own Google search to see their projects and any reviews that they may have.

Designers are full of creative ideas; they understand your needs, budget, plans with their expertise. A consultation allows you to get the design advice and then choose how best to proceed.

What happens when I choose an architectural professional on Archly?

You can choose a recommended architectural professional and book a consultation within a few clicks on our website. Your brief is reviewed by the Archly team to ensure there is adequate information to allow for maximum benefit from the consultation.

If we require further info, we will send you a notification by email to upload additional photographs or project description. When we are satisfied that the information received is enough to advise on your project, we will issue meeting links, typically within 2 weeks from the date of booking.

All payments are handled by www.stripe.com to ensure safe and secure transactions.

What size of project is Archly for?

Any size. We aim to help homeowners improve their homes no matter the size or design ambitions. We also advise commercial clients

How long does the meeting last?

Expect the consultation to last an hour at most. However, longer meetings and follow up consultations are also available at a reduced cost per hour.

What topics do you suggest to discuss?

Anything and everything architecture. The discussion should be determined by the information submitted before the meeting.

The architectural professional will have spent considerable time preparing for the meeting based on your submitted information to ensure maximum value from the meeting.

Consultations are usually centered on design ideas, concepts, planning permission, materials, furniture, layouts, windows, landscaping, project stages, and project process.

Do the architectural professionals advise on planning permission?

Yes in most cases, if you need planning permission or want to learn more about it, the right architectural professional can be invaluable in successfully dealing with the local planning body.

How can architecture impact our lives?

Good architecture can contribute to better health, mood, and productivity. It can provide nature access through house plants and green spaces, leading to significantly improved brain function.

Must I choose a “local professional” for my project?

No. however we a local professional may have better knowledge in relation to planning nuances.

I live in a rental, what can I do?

You can get professional help for furniture setting, hanging pictures, photographs, and laying rugs. These simple yet powerful design elements can make a significant difference it how a rental property feels and looks.

What type of device do I need to attend the meeting?

Tablet, PC, Laptop, or mobile phone. Anything will do as long as it can connect to the internet and let you conduct online video calls.

My house is so small I can’t imagine it getting any better?

An architectural professional can help a small space feel and look large. It could be as simple as some visual tricks like placing a mirror by a window and adding some house plants to the mix.

Do I have to use video calling?

No, you can choose to turn off your webcam if you please. However, if you are at home, you may wish to show your the area for the planned works.

What happens once I book & pay?

You will submit further project details, such as photographs and links to preferred projects that you have found online and Pinterest boards. You will receive an email with a link. Click on that link five minutes before your booked time to enter the virtual meeting room.

What happens after the meeting?

You will receive a unique link to view the recording of the meeting online. This allows you to review the discussions and various suggestions covered in the session. Following this, you have the opportunity to engage this architectural professional or another on the Archly platform to take on your project.