How It Works –

A homeowner submits their project details, project description, address, preferred date & time, on our homepage form. Archly then recommends by email multiple Architectural Experts to book a consult with.

The homeowner will then select their preferred professional and pay the fee to Archly. When we receive payment we notify the Professional by email that a booking has been received. We collect project details from the client on your behalf. This includes further description of the client’s requirements for their home, expected budget, photographs and any documents or Pinterest boards that they wish to submit.

When we receive this information you will receive notification by email of the project information. If you require further project information Archly can request this from the client.

You then confirm if you’re ok to proceed and Archly will issue the meeting links to both Designer & Client. The meeting will take place typically 5-10 days after client payment.

Following the meeting, Archly will release the payment to the Architectural Professional. We charge a 20% fee for any bookings received.

What should we cover in the consult?

Following your review of the submitted project details from the client, the consult will primarily be in giving advisory feedback on their aspirations in their project brief. A typical consult consists of :

1 Hour video online meeting to explore design ideas, get architecture, planning or project advice to improve the success of their home design project.

Explore material options, layout ideas, architectural principles, window locations, kitchen layout, planning & architectural process queries.

A 1-hr consultation helps clients to plan their budget better by understanding the complexities of a project before they go to a builder.

If the client progresses their project beyond this consultation with the booked Architectural Professional, the fee paid for the consult is then reduced from any further stage service awarded to that same architect or chosen firm.

What is the format of the consultation?

All of our consults are currently online only meetings, we use Zoom and we create the meeting links & invites on our Zoom pro account. During the consult this allows you to share your screen to explain design principles from your own or other projects, using photographs, powerpoint, website images, google streetview, google images etc. The format is generally up to the architect in how best you can explain the feasibility of the clients brief.