Online Consultation – CPRA


Camilleri-Preziosi Ryan Architects in Monkstown, Co. Dublin


1 Hour video online meeting to explore design ideas, get architecture, planning or project advice to improve the success of your home design project.

  • Explore material options, layout ideas, architectural principles, window locations, kitchen layout, planning & architectural process queries.
  • A 1-hr consultation also allows you to plan your budget better by understanding the complexities of a project before you go to a builder.
  • Once booked, you will have the opportunity to submit a description & photographs of you project. Your architect or designer will review these prior to the online meeting.
  • You will then receive a link to choose a date and time to best suit you.
  • The date & time typically occurs 5-10 days after booking on
  • The online meeting is hosted in a web browser using the unique links emailed prior to the meeting.
  • You can share the links with other people that you wish to attend the online meeting, making it convenient for work or daytime hours.
  • If you progress your project beyond this consultation with CPRA, the fee paid now is then reduced from any further full stage services with CPRA.