Online Consultation – Ronan Rose Roberts Architects


Ronan Rose Roberts Architects is an award-winning RIAI registered practice.

We provide full architectural services from initial concept design and planning, through detailed design and construction until completion.

We are accredited in conservation architecture grade III by the RIAI

We are accredited Project Supervisors Design Process.

Located – Dublin 8 & Wicklow


1 Hour video online meeting to explore design ideas, get architecture, planning or project advice to improve the success of your home design project.

  • Explore material options, layout ideas, architectural principles, window locations, kitchen layout, planning & architectural process queries.
  • A 1-hr consultation also allows you to plan your budget better by understanding the complexities of a project before you go to a builder.
  • Once booked, you will have the opportunity to submit a description & photographs of you project. Your architect or designer will review these prior to the online meeting.
  • You will then receive a link to choose a date and time to best suit you.
  • The date & time typically occurs 5-10 days after booking on
  • The online meeting is hosted in a web browser using the unique links emailed prior to the meeting.
  • If you progress your project beyond this consultation with Ronan Rose Roberts Architects  the fee paid is then reduced from any further services with Ronan Rose Roberts Architects.