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Our house is a 3-bed semi-d with attached garage. We are looking to build an extension to put a utility room behind the garage and renovate/change the layout of the ground floor to make better use of the space.

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We have uploaded floor plans of the existing house as prepared for a planning application by the previous owner.
The utility shown on the plan is not of permanent construction – it is essentially an empty area bounded by the rear of the garage, side of the house, garden boundary wall, and outdoor toilet, which has been closed in using temporary materials (Perspex roof etc.).
We would like to make this a more permanent structure, and take the opportunity to make best use of downstairs floor space – the kitchen is currently relatively small, and the room to the rear of the house is under-utilised.
Open to any ideas / suggestions on what changes to make.
In time, we may look to add another bedroom above the garage and an office space – useful to bear this in mind when looking at materials / foundations for what we do now on the utility etc.
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