Superpod® is low energy, beautiful, easy, sustainable, building performance, with high quality materials, healthy filtered air and comfortable temperatures.

You can build any kind of building with Superpod®

We are consultants for large, certified Passivhaus buildings. Our internationally-patented, fast, sustainable, scaleable, steel-framed building system is available now for your next project.

We also arrange prefab modular transportable ‘pods’: Superpod® for granny flats, studios or remote accommodation.

We have a patented system that complies with the Passivhaus program. It’s more comfortable, nurturing and healthy for people and the environment… with lower power bills. Superpod® is based on the International Passive House Standard and can be modular, prefab or site-built. Our system is pre-designed, lean, avoids waste during construction, and is very fast to build. Superpod® is smart, sensible, and based on science.